Exit Rommel

The Tunisian Campaign, 1942-43

Book Description

  • Story of the defeat of the legendary Desert Fox
  • Analyzes Rommel's generalship
  • Details logistical difficulties and the erosion of weapons quality of the Afrika Korps

    In the sands of North Africa during the early years of World War II, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel burnished his reputation as the "Desert Fox." After a string of successes, Rommel's fortunes began to sour with the battles of El Alamein, where the British under Bernard Montgomery halted Axis expansion in the fall of 1942, followed days later by the American landings in Morocco and Algeria. As the Americans drove the Germans into Tunisia from the west and the British from the east, Rommel routed U.S. forces at Kasserine Pass. After his last-ditch attack at Medenine was repulsed, the Desert Fox was forced to evacuate, leaving much of his fabled force to Allied captivity.

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