Log Homes Made Easy

Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home

Book Description

  • Third edition of the best-selling guide to building log homes
  • Explores the myths and realities of log home construction, with tips on choosing an architect, planning the site, controlling costs, and more
  • Includes detailed diagrams and additional resources for getting started

    Log homes have come a long way from the wilderness cabins of colonial pioneers. With the advent of new technology and the ever-increasing skill sets of contractors, log homes have become one of the most luxurious kinds of homes in America. With multigabled rooflines and glass-fronted living areas, these sophisticated homes have captured the interest of architects and homeowners alike. In this third edition, Jim Cooper includes new information on "green" construction techniques and materials. Whether planning a new log home or simply interested in learning more, readers will find their questions answered here.

  • About Cooper, Jim

    Jim Cooper has been a general contractor and builder of log homes for more than twenty years. He is owner of Three Creeks Interactive, Inc., an Internet company developing interactive products for prospective buyers and the housing industry.