Rommel's Lieutenants

The Men Who Served the Desert Fox, France, 1940

Book Description

  • Covers Erwin Rommel's World War II battles before he led the legendary Afrika Korps
  • First work to recognize the talented staff officers and company, battalion, and regimental commanders who supported Rommel

    One of the most famous soldiers to fight in World War II, Erwin Rommel achieved immortality as the Desert Fox in the sands of Africa, but his first field command was the 7th Panzer Division, the so-called Ghost Division. During the 1940 campaign in France, the unit suffered more casualties than any other German division and at the same time inflicted heavy losses on the Allies, taking almost 100,000 prisoners. The Ghost Division's success owed much to Rommel's subordinates, who aided Rommel more than he admitted in his papers and whom historians have generally overlooked. This book remedies that oversight.

  • About Mitcham, Samuel W., Jr.

    Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., is the author of more than twenty books on World War II. He lives in Louisiana.