Road Trip New England

Discovering 101 Offbeat Adventures

Book Description

@roadtrip_newengland is a popular regional social media handle created and maintained by the husband and wife team of Walter and Danielle Pierce who have been documenting their trips around New England with original photography and a unique perspective. They are natural trip planners who know how to uncover something unusual among the mundane, discover the best food, and find the easiest ways to get from points A to B and in between see everything worth seeing. The Instagram account comes to life in this unusual and modern take on the travel guide. Each excursion, a combination of location based, themed, and seasonal itineraries, have descriptions, visitor information, and maps alongside hundreds of photographs. Readers will be inspired to hit the road and document their own trips in similar fashion.

About Pierce, Walter

Walter and his wife Danielle met at Massachusetts College of Art and enjoy travel and exploring new places.