Texas Haunted Forts


Book Description

The forts of Texas, once teeming with soldiers, settlers and Native Americans, today stand like silent sentinels, abandoned to the ravages of sun, wind, and time. Their legends and stories are ghostly reminders of a past steeped in violence and tragic loss. Tales of Indians wrapped in buffalo robes and a ghostly lady delivering white roses to an officer's desk are woven with historical facts, placing the reader in the midst of the action. Photographs of these historic places send the reader back in time as haunted souls of long-lost legends fill the pages.

About Coleman, Elaine

Elaine Coleman is an award-winning author and former editor for two independent West Texas newspapers. She is a sixth-generation Texan and lives with her husband, Jerry, on the family farm near Winters, Texas, with three dogs, an old barrel racing horse, and sixty or so mother cows.